Recruitment Selection

  • Companies are looking to Trinidad and Tobago as the central hub for talent in Latin America and the Caribbean. We partner with companies locally, regionally and internationally to source the right people for their business.

    Our network sources international candidates for executive or specialist roles and we arrange all the immigration requirements. Through careful selection and screening, we provide recruitment services across all levels and projects.

    • Headhunting
    • Executive & Managerial Roles
    • Permanent Roles
    • Contracts & Special Projects
    • Temporary Positions
    • Interim Management
    • Seasonal jobs
    • Upcoming projects
    • Overseas contract projects
    • Project Specialists
    • Testing / trial phases prior to permanent placements
    • Expanding your business services
    • Starting another business ventures
    • Outsourcing services
    • Call Centers

    Our verification and screening process can include:

    • Credit and Background Investigative Checks
    • Academic and professional Verification
    • Executive Medical
    • Psychometric assessment
    • Work permit checks
    • Application Testing

    Our services span across sectors including:

    • Banking & Financial
    • Construction
    • Energy
    • Government
    • Health, Safety and Environment
    • Insurance
    • Legal
    • Manufacturing & Retail Distribution
    • Advertising, Marketing and PR

If you are unsure what type of resourcing you need for your business, contact us for a free consultation.