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  • Job Details

    The Commercial Manager serves as a company leader, overseeing day-to-day operations and focusing on the long-term interests of the organization. He / she will be expected to pursue new business opportunities and manage functions such as company associations, employee activities and evaluations, and other matters that relate to a company's operations and sustainable growth and development. The Commercial Manager plays an important role in marketing management and revenue generation.

    The CM reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and participates in Group functional projects as it pertains to the:
    (a) Decorative Division
    (b) Automotive Division

  • Primary Duties

    1) Examines company policies to make sure they stay relevant, are efficient and makes recommendations for necessary changes.
    2) Look for opportunities to grow the business, whether through partnerships, acquisitions or new business initiatives, and works to take advantage of those opportunities.
    3) Analyses sales and other reports that give insight into how the company can make adjustments to improve performance and efficiency.
    4) Assist Advisors, CEO, Directors and works as a member of a cohesive executive management team.
    5) Work alongside sales, distribution, customer service, and marketing affiliates to grow revenue and execute new projects.
    6) Resolves issues with operations
    7) Communicate with managers so that all understand the importance, and relevance of their roles, reporting structure and make recommendations for performance improvement.
    8) Assesses risks and makes recommendations based on a thorough analysis and feasibility of all factors involved in an export business opportunity, including exporting to new markets.
    9) Manages daily marketing, on-trade, distribution and sales.
    10) Coaches employees on best practices for managing contract issues and handling daily issues and tasks.
    11) Meets daily with managers, sales teams, customers
    12) Prepare a strategy and a working annual business plan (in alignment with the Board’s long term plan), execute and monitor progress against these plans to ensure that the divisions attain their objectives as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.
    13) Provide strategic advice to managers, to keep them aware of developments within the industry.

  • Education and Experience

    • Masters Degree in Marketing or Related Field,
    • Ability to Prioritize,
    • Strong Organizational Skills,
    • Strong Coaching Skills,
    • Strong Oral Communication Skills,
    • Negotiating Talent,
    • Superb with Deadlines,
    • Decisive,
    • Advanced Problem-Solving Capabilities,
    • Professional,
    • Thorough,
    • Detail-Oriented,
    • Ability to Process the Big-Picture Items,
    • Delivers performance,
    • Passionate.

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General Manager - Paints Division (FS140707-GM-002)

  • Job Details

    • Manufacturing and Distribution Industry
    • Permanent/Full time
    • Reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer
    • The GM will provide leadership to the Management Team of the Company with the objective of improving profit, increasing sales revenue (local and export), increasing efficiency and productivity, effecting cost control measures and strategically directing the Paint division towards sustainable growth and development.
    • The GM must at all times adhere to and monitor compliance with the Group’s policies and procedures and approved budgets and targets. He/She will be expected to review monthly financial statements and take all necessary decisions and actions (in consultation with the CEO) for the general improvement, increasing efficiency and increasing profitability of divisions under his/her control.

  • Primary Responsibilities

    • Prepare a strategy and a working annual business plan (in alignment with the Board’s long term plan), execute and monitor progress against these plans to ensure that the divisions attain their objectives as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.
    • Supervise, direct, support and discipline the Managers & Supervisors under your direct control.
    • Provide strategic advice to managers, to keep them aware of developments within the industry.
    • Serve as an advisor to the CEO and attend such meetings (internal or external) as may be required.
    • Ensure the implementation of Board decisions.
    • Assist in fostering an executive Management Team and mentoring and driving these Teams for efficiency, cost reduction and increase sales with the Objective of driving Performance & Profits.
    • Arrange and conduct Departmental Meetings as necessary on and off site. (Marabella)
    • Advise and recommend to the CEO on Sales, Finance, Management, and other problem matters and solutions.
    • Work with Team to minimize stock and ensure sales & Profit Performance objectives are surpassed.
    • Conduct regular fortnightly meetings with the Company’s Department’s Heads to implement.
    • Improved Processes and Systems for:
    o Cost Savings / Waste Reduction
    o Improvement + Profitability
    o Organizational Planning
    o Increased Efficiency / Unit cost per manufactured product.
    • Assist the CEO in evaluating the feasibility of any ‘New Product’ or “New Projects” or Business ventures and assists implementing the same and providing support.
    • Provide leadership and management guidance to line / functional managers in our Group’s Shared Services by holding monthly management meetings.

  • Operation Management

    • Supporting the C.E.O by guiding supporting and directing relevant managers in Key weak areas:
    o Sales Growth – Local, Export, Niche Markets (new areas to focus: Government businesses, new export markets, new private projects.)
    o Collections: Drive Sales Team and Sales Managers towards reducing overdraft cost, reduction in creditor’s average days.
    o Optimization of stock levels in line with Sales.
    o Institute a culture of waste reductions, to increase efficiency.
    o Increasing communication to minimize conflict between managers.
    o Supporting Human Resource through the Operations Manager to eradicate poor work culture, work ethic and IR Issues.
    o Technical Department – Projects, new products, new colours, Technical Manual.
    o IT – New ERP Project.
    • Direct and coordinate activityes of Decorative and Automotive Paint divisions with regards to production, pricing, sales, distribution and marketing of products.
    • Coordinates efforts by establishing procurement, production, marketing, field and technical service policies and practices; coordinating actions with corporate staff.
    • Determine goods and services to be sold, and set prices to maintain Net Profit Margin of minimum 33% and credit terms, based on forecasts of customer demand.
    • Oversee Sales activities such as sales promotions, coordinating with other department heads as required in Decorative and Automotive.
    • Review financial statements, sales, expenses, and activity reports, and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement.
    • Establish and implement departmental policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with board members, organization officials, and staff members as necessary. • Oversee and ensure that each division (Decorative and Automotive Paints) has all necessary licenses as determined by QC Bodies and Customs.
    • Suggest and Implement policies through the Operations Manager and procedures to achieve operational efficiency as necessary.
    • In liaison with the Human Resource Department; and Operations Manager appraise performance of staff under your direct supervision.
    • Builds company image by collaborating with customers, government, community
    • Organizations and employees; enforcing ethical business practices.
    • Maintains quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards.

  • Financial Management

    Monitor and Oversee in conjunction with the Finance Team and C.E.O, every week and once per month prior to BOD Meetings: • Cash Flow and Collections
    • Provide vision regarding overall financial health of the Divisions responsible
    • Provide vision and leader ship in long - range fiscal planning to ensure the continuity and solvency of the company

  • Project Management

    • Projects on – going:
    o To Spearhead Projects, (Act as the Project Sponsor) to provide Leadership and be part of the Management Team and Report to the CEO on progress against agreed strategic business plans + Special Projects for growth.

  • Other Duties & Responsibilities

    • Liaise with other functional / departmental managers so as to understand all necessary aspects and needs of operational development and to ensure they are fully informed of operational objectives, purposes and achievements.
    • Review Job Descriptions and update your subordinates’ responsibilities
    • Hold Monthly Meetings with Managers and request Monthly Progress Reports giving recommendations.
    • Performs other related duties, as may be required by the CEO.
    • Monitor and manage performance (in relevant areas) according to agreed monthly targets and take necessary action to communicate/advise/assist and reprimand according to performance levels.
    • Manage departmental performance against agreed targets and budgets, and within policies and standards.
    • Directing various business departments to ensure the smooth running of the company, dealing with problems as necessary.
    • Resolving contractual and commercial issues and disputes.
    • Coach, Train and lead the team, providing discipline and performance feedback.
    • Developing positive direct relationships with key business contacts, government etc.
    • Possessing personality, energy & charisma to inspire, lead and develop staff.
    • Responsible for achieving all performance related targets
    • Developing and supporting a cross functional culture of continuous improvement.
    • Assisting company accountants in the formulation of forecasts and budgets.
    • Maintaining excellent relationships with clients and suppliers.
    • Meet with the various managers with the aim of providing assistance with on-going:
    o Projects, Updates.
    o Problems / Challenges
    o Developments / Initiatives.
    • Manage and minimize cost and wastage.
    • Hold formal monthly meetings with all department heads by going through the main issues from their bi-monthly reports, budgets, quotas, cost control etc.(Invite the C.E.O as necessary)
    • Provide a monthly report to the Board of Directors and attend Board of Directors meetings as necessary on:
    o Performance
    o Challenges
    o Possible Solutions
    o New Initiatives
    • Visit the South branch at least once / week on mornings to discuss problems.

  • Remuneration Package

    • Salary: Base of $25,000 (Negotiable Based on Qualifications and Experience)

  • Performance Incentives

    • Benefits: Cell, Laptop, Travel Allowance, Health Insurance

  • Experience Requirements

    • A minimum of ten (10) years’ experience at an executive level position, within a manufacturing environment.
    • Excellent business and financial acumen
    • Strong financial, analytical and project management skills
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Proven track record
    • Academic Qualifications: Postgraduate qualifications in Finance or ACCA, Manufacturing, Chemical Engineering or related discipline.

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Branch Manager (FS140707-AM-001)

  • Job Details

    As the leader of your branch sales and service team you are responsible for the overall success of your team. You will achieve your branch’s goals by planning, monitoring, coaching to and executing sales and service activities, which consistently create the desired, needs-based customer experience. In addition, with the support of your Sales Manager (if applicable), you are responsible for managing the branch’s Sales Team, including goal-setting, monitoring their performance and reinforcing appropriate behaviours and attitudes through coaching. You oversee the quality of customer service; ensure a smooth and efficient operational routine is in place; ensure the branch presents a professional image; and, ensure that daily and periodic management controls are in place and effective. You have a primary responsibility for embedding and sustaining sales and service management activities in the branch as well as selling customized financial solutions using a financial planning approach to meet customer’s needs.

    1. Service Leadership and Service Management:
    - Ensure every customer is provided with service that demonstrates respect and knowledge, in a manner which makes the customer feel welcome and shows that their business is appreciated by:
    - ensuring customer interactions are initiated by approaching the customer (not requiring the customer to find an available staff member) with a friendly greeting using their name where possible, and a personal introduction;
    - ensuring Branch Service Check-up is rated as satisfactory or better and key issues are addressed;
    - ensuring quarterly Branch Merchandising Checklists are prepared and any deficiencies are addressed;
    - ensuring staff listen to the customer’s needs, looking for clues, probing to ensure the needs are fully understood;
    - ensuring customers are provided clear, relevant information covering “what” service steps are involved in satisfying the customer’s needs, “why” the service steps are necessary, and the expected time frames;
    - taking responsibility for customers concerns/complaints by resolving those matters within discretion, to the customer’s satisfaction or by referring the customer to the next appropriate level of authority;
    - ensuring all interactions are closed by reviewing any commitments, confirming with the customer that all of their needs have been satisfied and thanking them for their business.

    2. Ensure staff interact with customers in a way that is human, straightforward and knowledgeable by:
    - showing respect for the customer by always meeting the Bank’s service standards and process;
    - being up front with customers when the organization cannot provide the solution they seek, offering an explanation asto why and suggesting alternatives;
    - understanding the changing needs and preferences of the customer over the various stages of their lives,
    - helping them recognize those needs and matching appropriate solutions;
    - Support the Assistant Manager Service and Support by directly coaching (monthly) and periodically (not less than bimonthly)
    - participating in Branch bi-weekly Service Meetings, and individual one-on-one coaching sessions.

    3. Manage Small Business Customers:
    With the assistance of your branch’s Assistant Manager Small Business (if applicable) use the Bank’s sales process to initially identify, then satisfy customer needs, including:
    - responding to changes in preferences and where necessary, referring the customer to the appropriate level of sales officer or other resources of the Bank, for example the Commercial Banking Unit;
    - helping customers to quantify their long term goals, understanding the gap from where they presently are, and the options available to them to achieve their goals;
    - working with the customer’s available cash flow and risk profile to identify the best solution for the customer to achieve their goals using the Small Business Lending Program for qualified accounts;effectively completing periodic reviews and Risk Assessment Worksheets (RAW) for Small Business accounts as required;
    - discussing solution(s) and resolving any concerns by demonstrating how the solution(s) satisfy the expressed and understood need, and benefit the customer;
    - asking for the business, thanking the customer for their business, and determining the need, reason and timing of the next sales conversation, and recording it;
    - using the Bank’s referral process when a referral opportunity is identified and following up to ensure the customer is satisfied with the outcome.

    - 4 Ensure the Branch’s operational effectiveness by:
    - conducting periodic checks as per the Daily Accounting Cycle and Branch Control Checklists;
    - ensuring the Daily Management Reports are actioned daily by the OIC-Sales and the OIC-Service;
    - ensuring the OIC-Service has reasonable explanations for the results in the MBR Non-Financial section;
    - ensuring workflows and organization plans are appropriate in order to provide efficient operations;
    - monitoring non-interest expenses against budgets and ensuring there are reasonable explanations for variances;
    - ensuring human resource administration is current, accurate and reasonable including salary -administration,performance management, staff turnover and absentee documentation.

    5 Compliance:
    Meet Regulatory Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Terrorist Financing and Bank policies and procedures for all bank products and services and customer transactions by:
    - Ensuring the organization customer information is kept secure and confidential at all times;
    - Advising customers on investments appropriate to their stated goals, objectives, and risk tolerance;
    - Monitoring customer transactions and activity according to established policies and procedures through the
    - review of AML Reports and other Branch Exception Reports;
    - Escalating any unusual occurrences or fraudulent activity to your Compliance Officer
    - Assist in investigations and obtain additional information as required from customers concerning significant/unusual transactions or as otherwise requested from the Compliance/Supervising office;
    - Ensure that regulatory compliance, AML/ATF and KYC policies are understood and complied with by all branch staff, taking corrective action when necessary.
    Manage and control loan portfolios by:
    - reviewing the investigations and credit applications of the retail team, according to individual approval limits/conditions and in accordance with standard Bank policies;
    - authorizing applications within standard Bank policies and limits and forwarding out of policy/over-limit applications to the International LDC for review and adjudication;
    - ensuring retail and commercial collateral is completed, executed and lodged in accordance with standard Bank policies and procedures;
    - monitoring retail and small business delinquency and overdrafts within Bank policies and conducting periodic reviews of small business loans and Merchant services as required.
    - Manage and monitor the branch’s deposit portfolio to hold the bank safe from losses due to fraudulent or unauthorized activity.
    - Adhere to Bank and Branch security procedures with respect to assigned authorities and responsibilities.
    - Report any unusual occurrences or fraudulent activity to your supervising office as soon as you become aware of it in conjunction with the Bank’s Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines.

  • Education and Experience

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