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Accountant (AC140707-EARL-001)

  • Job Details

    Ensure timely and accurate maintenance of financial records in accordance with accepted accounting principles.

    o Implement, maintain and monitor accounting policies and procedures to ensure consistency with GAAP;
    o Monitor compliance with relevant financial legislation to ensure that all statutory requirements for payments and filings are met;
    o Ensure appropriate internal controls are established and maintained - Review accounting systems periodically to verify integrity of system applications and to resolve deficiencies identified on a timely basis;
    o Oversee preparation and approval of income and expenditure statements and provide update to the Board of Finance on a monthly basis;
    o Manage debtors and creditors to ensure that all amounts due
    o Manage cash flow and forecasting with recommendations for investment of excess cash;
    o Develop, supervise and manage direct staff to ensure proper maintenance of all accounting systems and functions;
    o Coordinate preparation of the annual budget for consideration of the Board of Finance;
    o Prepare annual financial statements for submission to Auditors; Liaise with Auditors to ensure timely finalization of annual financial statements
    o Advise the Secretary on all matters of finance and accounts
    o Attend meetings of the Board of Finance and report on financial and accounting matters at such meetings;
    o Perform other related duties consistent with the position.

  • Education and Experience

    o Minimum of Foundation Level of the ACCA qualification or its equivalent.
    o At least five years experience in management of accounting systems and services in a computerized environment
    o Experience in supervising staff.

  • Required Competencies

    • Sound knowledge of accounting principles and ability to apply this knowledge for timely, accurate product delivery.
    • Ability to supervise staff; to identify work priorities to set attainable goals; and to manage a high volume of work.
    • Ability to maintain client focus, to understand their requirements, to treat all clients with equal courtesy and respect and to recognize and resolve problems as they arise.
    • Ability to work cooperatively as a contributing team member to the overall attainment of the goals and objectives of the Diocese.
    • Sound information technology skills.
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

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Assistant Chief Accountant (AC140707-AM-001 )

  • Job Details

    Responsible for the development, ongoing refinement and ensuring adherence to procedures for:

    _ Financial Reporting
    _ Regulatory Reporting
    _ Tax Compliance
    _ Managing Audits

    The incumbent is required to maintain an awareness of financial services sector developments and recommend changes where appropriate. He/She participates in all strategic and business initiatives from profitability, tax, regulatory and capital perspectives, recommending tactical changes as necessary.
    1. Contribute towards accounting policy and procedure and compliance with statutory regulations and Group policy, as well as coordinate the execution of the annual Shareholders’ audits and periodic Central Bank Inspections
    - Compile and analyse financial information or the preparation of consolidated quarterly and annual Group Financial Statements.
    - Preparation of Group management and board reports. - Compute taxes and returns, ensuring compliance with payments, reporting and tax requirements for the Group.
    - Analyze and submit reports on the Group’s financial performance on a regular basis.
    - Financial year-end audit preparation and coordination of audit process.
    - Ensures that adequate controls are in place to safeguard the Group’s assets.
    - Ensures the Group’s accounting procedures are in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
    - Ensure all financial reporting deadlines are met.
    - Maintain a working relationship with both internal and external customers.
    - Ensure accurate and accounting of transactions to maintain data integrity.

    2. Contribute towards managing the Group’s revenues and expense by developing or maintaining an effective review system.
    _ Engage in yearend profit planning for the Group and quarterly forecasts.
    _ Analyses and submits reports on the Group’s performance compared to plan and make recommendations where necessary.

  • Education and Experience

    - Knowledge and application of accounting and financial analysis skills gained through formal training in Finance and relevant experience.
    - Thorough understanding of the business conducted by the organization and its subsidiaries.
    - Thorough understanding of local economic and competitive trends.
    - Thorough understanding of Banking and Branch operations related accounting procedures, taxation and regulatory requirements.
    - Thorough knowledge of PC applications and spreadsheet programs in order to conduct analysis.
    - Thorough knowledge of major off-the-shelf applications (e.g. Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, Lotus Notes) and in-house Bank applications and productivity tools
    - Thorough knowledge of supported Branches and Units Operations, procedures and workflows.
    - Thorough knowledge of the Bank’s applications and products.
    - Thorough understanding of operating procedures (Manual and Automated) and must maintain up to date knowledge of the bank Systems.
    - Proven organizational skills to prioritize tasks and elicit a high level of productivity from staff to meet objectives.
    - Strong interpersonal skills, professional judgment and tact in dealing with contacts inside and outside the financial areas of the Bank.
    - Ability to maintain effective working relationships with senior management, MDO personnel and management personnel within International Banking.
    - Professional Finance and Accounting Qualification (ACCA, CIMA or equivalent).
    - A minimum of three (3) to five (5) years’ management experience in a finance environment

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Chief Accountant (AC140707-AM-002)

  • Job Details

    The incumbent is responsible for coordinating and supervising the timely and accurate preparation/production of selected reports/returns. This position also directs/contributes to the development of profit plans, budgets and the timely production/preparation of accurate and comprehensive financial reports, analysis and evaluations to Senior Management for reporting and decision making purposes. The incumbent is also responsible for reviewing the MTB report of all units/transits, ensuring the necessary amendments are done and signed off prior to transmission.

    • Financial Reporting
    • Statutory Reporting
    • Tax Compliance & Strategy
    • Managing Audits
    • BNS/Head Office Reporting
    • Accounting Policy
    • Fixed Assets
    • Planning & Forecasting
    • Management & Board Reporting

    1. Ensure the maintenance of an effective and comprehensive ‘Funds Management Reporting’ system and ensure the accuracy of all relevant information by:
    -Ensuring accounting policy and procedure and compliance with statutory regulations and Group policy and coordinate the execution of the annual Shareholders’ audits and periodic Central Bank Inspections
    _ Ensuring that monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly reports/returns internally and externally are accurately prepared, checked and timely dispatched within required timeframes.
    - Contribute towards managing the Group’s revenues and expense by developing/maintaining an effective review system.
    -Oversee tax compliance and engage in tax strategy and planning throughout organization

    2. Reviewing and checking the high level commentary on major asset/liability fluctuation for inclusion in the Funds Management Report;

    3. Assessing the adequacy/accuracy of existing reports and initiating changes as necessary;

    4. Keeping abreast of changes to banking legislation, monetary regulations, and statutory reserve requirements, along with economic, political and other available data which could contribute to the enhancement of reports.

    5. Contribute to the development and maintenance of an effective Profit Plan System designed to meet the Banks and the individual units’ requirement by:
    _ Development of profit planning schedules/instructions/forms and submission package;
    _ Reviewing submission for responsibility/accuracy and assess objectives, assumptions and strategies of each unit in line with the overall Bank’s target.
    _ Preparation of high level forecast and commentary for each unit and the overall Bank.
    _ Reviewing/evaluating each profit plan for updated historical information, adjustments and revisions are made and prepare the Bank’s consolidated submission and relative supporting commentaries;
    _ Assisting in the Profit Plan negotiations of assigned units;
    _ Revising Profit Plans as required after negotiations and produce the negotiated/final plans/and appropriate commentaries covering significant changes;

    6. Ensure development and completion of various reporting packages for Senior Management by:
    _ Reviewing each unit’s Profit and Loss Statement for reasonability and ensuing all major variance(s) are authentic;
    _ Reviewing/analysing the monthly and quarterly financial results for each unit and ensuring all major variance(s) (month/month, quarter/quarter, year/year, actual/plan), are fully investigated/substantiated by appropriate commentaries.
    _ Ensuring data are accurate and in line with the unit’s reporting/results;
    _ Preparing the revised ‘Forecast Updates’ based on each unit’s year to date performance against Profit Plan;
    _ Preparing various Board Report Schedules and Appendix.

    7. Provide effective expense and revenue (non-interest) management by:
    _ Monitoring and recommending methods/systems/procedures to minimize controllable expenses;
    _ Making specific recommendations for ways to improve on non-interest revenues (i.e. new form of revenues, revisions to pricing of existing products and services);
    _ Reviewing account(s) analysis to ensure appropriate compensation for services provided;
    _ Attesting/confirming the accuracy/reasonability of financial data/forecast in Capital Expenditure Forecasts and real estate related proposals and business cases;
    _ Evaluating/providing input to statistical support for new branch proposal/closure (in conjunction with Marketing and Communications Department).

    8. Evaluating the performance of each unit as graded by the external indicators and advise any potential problems and/or adverse trends to the Chief Accountant.

    9. Preparing the Bank’s tax returns, and ensuring proper accounting and other procedures are in place to collect and remit the necessary taxes/duties, in keeping with legal/statutory requirements.

    10. Ensure coordination and supervision of the accurate preparation/production of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly reports/returns both internally and externally (local statutory related) by conducting critical review of each Return/Report, as requested by the Chief Accountant. This includes various schedules required by the external auditor to complete annual reviews.

    11. Ensure the production/preparation of comprehensive and objective studies and analysis, including recommendations on the financial performance/viability of particular units, products, investment and operational initiatives as requested by the AGM Finance.

    12. Contribute towards accounting policy and procedure, and compliance with statutory regulations and the annual shareholders’ audits and statutory Central Bank inspections.

    13. Preparation of Annual Financial Statements and Notes

  • Education and Experience

    The incumbent is required to perform analyses and monitor the financial status/performance of the Group. An understanding of banking and branch operations/operating and related bookkeeping procedures along with good accounting analytical skills are required as is an asset. Understanding/knowledge of the local economic and competitive trends. The incumbent must demonstrate good organizational skills in planning, scheduling and prioritizing the workload to meet tight reporting deadlines.

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Comptroller (AC140707-AM-003)

  • Job Details

    The Comptroller, Finance Department is responsible for coordinating the development of annual profit plans; the timely preparation of accurate and comprehensive financial analysis and evaluations of the organization’s performance for reporting and decision making purposes; the conducting of annual review.

    1. Evaluate the performance of branches/MDO units by reviewing each units Profit and Loss Statement for reasonability, ensuring all major variances are authentic, fully investigated and explained by appropriate commentaries, and preparing revised forecast updates. Ensure existing reports and performance measures are adequate and initiate changes as necessary.

    2. Provide effective expense and non-interest revenue management by:
    _ Monitoring and recommending changes to Schedule of Rates and meal and travel allowances to minimize expenses/maximize revenues;
    _ Reviewing account analysis to ensure the Bank is receiving appropriate compensation for services provided;
    _ Assisting senior management by preparing financial analysis/projections for inclusion in real estate related proposals and business cases (e.g. new branch proposals, closures, major renovations, relocations);
    _ Reviewing annual Capital Expenditure Forecasts for accuracy/reasonability;
    _ Authorize or recommend for approval out of policy or budget expenditures in accordance with Terms of Reference.

    3. Contribute toward accounting policy and procedure, and compliance with statutory regulations and Bank policy, and coordinate the execution of the annual shareholders’ audits and periodic Central Bank Inspections. This includes:
    _ Ensuring that monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly reports/returns internally and externally are accurately prepared, checked and timely dispatched within the required time frames.
    _ Coordinate and supervise the accurate production of all internal and external (local statutory, corporate tax, VAT) reports and returns.
    _ Reviewing bimonthly financial statement for the Bank’s TT$ and US$ assured future earnings plan (i.e. S.A.F.E.) for compliance with accounting standards. These statements are used for the computation of a guaranteed interest rate for this product.

    4. Provide input to financial and economic reports for use by Senior Managers by:
    _ Preparing a quarterly Economic Report;
    _ Preparing of the Dividend Proposal;
    _ Preparing financial statements for the Board of Directors;
    _ Preparing other relevant statistical reports and analysis.

    5. Conduct/contribute to the preparation of comprehensive and objective studies and analysis as requested by the Assistant General Manager, Finance including recommendation of the financial performance/viability of particular units, products, investments and operational initiatives.

    6. Contribute to the performance and development of subordinate officers by negotiating and communicating goals and expectations; providing regular feedback and by identifying training and development opportunities consistent with individual career objectives and the organization’s business needs.

  • Education and Experience

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Accounts Clerk (TT141202CBH001)

  • Job Details

    Responsible for scheduling repairs and installation of A/C units throughout Trinidad on a timely and effective manner. Performs many tasks relating to the processing, reconciling and managing of accounting documents and procedures. This includes but is not limited to: Payroll functions, accounts payables, accounts receivables, cash receipts, reports and record management. The accounts assistant is expected to have a relatively vast knowledge of accounting practices and procedure as well as accounting terminology.

    • Processes accounting documents such as invoices, receipts, cheques, journal vouchers, reimbursements and statements.
    • Enters, updates and retrieves information form general databases
    • Reconcile differences between accounting documents and bills against stock and items ordered and received.
    • Prepare monthly financial statements, bank reconciliation statements.
    • Routinely liaises with suppliers/clients/consumers to help resolves any discrepancies and respond to any queries.
    • Processing of payroll inclusive of NIS, HS & PAYE and preparation of TD4s
    • Prepare & submit V.A.T Returns
    • Operates standard office equipment
    • Wire Transfers & Online Payments
    • Prepare Bank Deposits and Maintain Petty Cash System
    • General Administrative Functions including Maintenance of Employee files
    • Other accounting duties as required.

  • Education and Experience

    • a Minumum of 5 O' Level Passes including Mathematics
    • Certification in Accounting from a recognized institution
    • 2 - 3 years experience in an Accounting Environment
    • Computer literacy - Skilled in Excel and Word

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