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Recruitment & Selection

We partner with companies locally, regionally and internationally to source the right people for their business. Our network sources international candidates for executive or specialist roles and we arrange all the immigration requirements.

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Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments measure job-related traits of applicants to help predict or enhance performance in your business. Find out how we can help you enhance the performance of your business.

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Event Management

We are a full-service, international event management firm, specializing in planning conferences, tradeshows, meetings, and special events for corporations and associations.

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Whether an SME is concerned with burgeoning overhead costs or a large established corporate wishing to outsource specific functions, Eve Anderson Recruitment can provide these support services.

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Human Resource
Jermaine Cruickshank, BSc; IMBA

" As an HR Consultant, I have had opportunity to interact with the staff of Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited (EARL) and at all times their responses have been prompt, helpful and effective. A truly high-powered, high-energy team of professionals who leave no stone unturned in meeting the recruitment challenge, EARL has provided my Clients with excellent value for their investment dollar and did it with a smile ... every time! "